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Preserving Resources

Resources are

Raw materials are becoming scarcer. Throwaway societies have run their course and are no longer an option. Doing business responsibly and sustainably means efficiently keeping raw materials in an economic cycle.
A fridge consists of raw materials. We have coined a new term for recycling: demanufacture. We recover 95% of all raw materials used in the fridge and keep them in the economic cycle. Guaranteed!

Climate protection is a challenge for humanity.

New movements relating to global warming in particular show that the coming generation views climate protection as the challenge of our time.
Recycling cooling appliances in a climate-neutral manner, removing harmful gases and destroying them: that is our active contribution to climate protection!

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Always a step ahead.

We need to address the problems of our time. So we have developed high-quality products from the fridge and freezer demanufacturing process. This is how we generate CO2 certificates, for example, which set our activities and those of our customers up to be climate neutral.

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