Carbon_Credits demanufacturing

Systematic materials recycling – saving energy and conserving resources

Apart from the CFCs, which are safely destroyed so that they no longer represent an environmental hazard, over 90% of all the materials we recover during fridge demanufacturing are recycled or reused. Steel, copper, aluminium, compressors, polystyrene, polyurethane are all recovered, separated and re-introduced into the production cycle.

With years of experience in selling high-quality materials from its fridge demanufacturing activities, USG has established itself as a respected supplier of secondary raw materials.
Specially developed logistics chains from USG to the end processor, a global sales network, and continuously revised benchmarking based on current market rates are all part of USG's expertise in the field.

USG believes in synergy. By sharing its know-how with its partners it aims to generate effects that neither partner alone would achieve. Marketable benefits for all involved are the result – a sustainable win-win effect for all.

Continuous research and development into new areas of application for our secondary raw materials has led to the development of USG's latest concept "Carbon credits for CFCs from refrigeration appliances".





>The manufacturing/demanufacturing cycle

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