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ÖKO PS – Polystyrene regrind

As waste refrigeration appliances contain volatile CFCs in their cooling circuits and insulating foam, they have to be collected and processed separately from other waste electrical and electronic equipment.


The input material is subjected to slow-moving rotary shears and a variety of specially developed separation stages that ensure that the polystyrene recovered in this process is not contaminated or damaged by heat.

USG's closed demanufacturing cycle involving separate appliance collection and treatment and careful grinding of the polystyrene to produce ÖKO PS polystyrene regrind, ensures that ÖKO PS is of consistently high quality and purity compared to conventional regrinds.

ÖKO PS is an easy-flowing and colourable regrind and its use in the production of new polystyrene products fabricated by extrusion or injection moulding is helping to save energy, conserve resources and is making a significant contribution to achieving climate protection targets.









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