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USG – Sustainable environmental protection

Sustainability is a symbol of an advanced society in which it is no longer acceptable just to manufacture and supply high-quality products. It is equally important to ensure the environmentally sound treatment of these products once they have reached the end of their useful life.And this is where USG comes in. By employing highly specialized technology, and by drawing on many years of experience and expertise in the fridge recycling sector, USG is pursuing its goal of implementing environmentally responsible fridge demanufacturing structures in new markets around the world.


Demanufacturing – much more than waste disposal
The concept of demanufacturing is an integral part of sustainable environmental protection. Waste fridges and freezers contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that are a hazard to the Earth's climate.
Not only does USG use SEG´s demanufacturing technology to retrieve all the CFCs from waste appliances and ensure the safe

and complete destruction of these chemicals, it also recovers other valuable materials from the appliances and processes them to yield high-quality raw materials for re-sale and reuse. Demanufacturing is the mirror-image of the production process and is characterized by strict but transparent quality standards.


You can't compromise when it comes to protecting the environment
The name USG is synonymous with uncompromising climate protection. USG guarantees that the maximum possible quantity of CFCs is extracted from end-of-life appliances. And the purity of the reprocessed secondary raw materials from USG not only saves energy, it also assists in conserving valuable natural resources for coming generations.
USG has been a member of the RAL Quality Assurance Association for the Demanufacture of Refrigeration Equipment since 1996.


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