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Granular or powdered polyurethane has all the properties needed to make it the perfect oil and chemical binder:


  • High absorbability
  • Highly non-slip even when wet
  • Rapid action
  • Deep-acting
  • Extremely versatile
  • Simple to use
  • Very cost-efficient

USG uses SEG recycling technology to recover high-quality polyurethane from the postconsumer recycling of waste refrigeration equipment and processes it to yield a material ideal for reuse as an efficient and affordable oil and chemical binder.


Only SEG's demanufacturing technology ensures that the polyurethane recovered is pure enough to warrant reuse as a binder.

ÖKO PUR is a perfect example of how high-quality raw materials can be retrieved for re-introduction into the production cycle.





Download data sheets:

> ÖKO PUR Powder

> ÖKO PUR (fine granules)

> ÖKO PUR (coarse granules)


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