USG demanufacturing

USG – Systematic fridge demanufacturing

Founded in 1996, USG has become an established force in environmentally compatible recycling. By deploying SEG´s state-of-the-art fridge recycling technology, USG has played a key role in driving up standards in fridge demanufacturing in Austria. USG does not simply dispose of end-of-life refrigeration appliances, it provides systematic, environmentally sound fridge recycling services designed to reintroduce all reusable materials back into the production cycle.


Sustainability pays

By offering high-quality, transparent recycling procedures, USG is not only involved in successful business partnerships with such companies AVE and Saubermacher or the City of Vienna, it is now recognised as an international provider of SEG technology, making it a leader in the field of fridge demanufacturing in countries such as Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

A dynamic company with a clear goal

By focussing on its core competencies – fridge recycling and the global sale of the resulting high-quality secondary raw materials – USG is pursuing its objective of actively supporting global sustainability.

USG is driven by its goal of establishing the SEG brand in other countries so that they, too, can benefit from the responsible, environmentally compatible fridge demanufacturing.



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